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NIXON Watches Men's & Women's Collection

Explore the bold and unconventional spirit of NIXON timepieces, a meticulously crafted watch brand designed for both men and women who wholeheartedly embrace an active and adventurous lifestyle. With an unwavering commitment to originality and innovation, NIXON watches transcend the realm of mere accessories—they stand as powerful statements of individuality. From rugged outdoor designs that echo the call of the wild to urban-inspired styles that capture the essence of city life, each NIXON watch serves as a distinctive symbol of self-expression and mirrors the brand's rebellious ethos.


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Established in the sun-soaked landscapes of Southern California in 1997, NIXON swiftly carved a distinctive niche for itself in the watch industry, boasting an unwavering commitment to style, durability, and functionality. The brand serves as a melting pot of inspiration, drawing from the dynamic realms of action sports, street culture, and fashion. This unique blend results in timepieces that resonate profoundly with individuals who actively seek authenticity and non-conformity in their lives. NIXON watches are meticulously crafted for those who approach life with an inherent sense of adventure and a fervent desire to stand out in a crowd.
As the brand continues to evolve, the spirit of NIXON remains deeply rooted in the ethos of breaking away from the ordinary. The timepieces are not just accessories but rather essential companions for those who dare to chart their own course. The fusion of action sports, urban vibrancy, and fashion-forward thinking embodies the brand's commitment to delivering watches that go beyond mere timekeeping, becoming emblematic statements of personal style and expression. In a world saturated with conformity, NIXON stands as a beacon for those who embrace the thrill of the unconventional and the allure of self-discovery.

NIXON Men's Watches:

The NIXON Men's Watches collection embodies the brand's ethos of bold and rugged design. The Mission series, built for extreme conditions, features durable materials and cutting-edge technology, making it the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. The Sentry series, with its minimalist yet striking design, offers a versatile option for daily wear, seamlessly transitioning from the office to adventurous pursuits. For those who appreciate a touch of retro flair, the Regulus series combines vintage aesthetics with modern functionality, capturing the essence of timeless style.

NIXON Women's Watches:

NIXON's Women's Watches are a fusion of fashion-forward design and durability. The Arrow series, with its sleek and sophisticated profile, caters to women who value elegance in their everyday accessories. The Time Teller collection, characterized by its minimalist dial and vibrant color options, offers a playful yet versatile option for women with a bold sense of style. The Queenpin series, with its bold and statement-making design, adds a touch of attitude to any ensemble, reflecting the brand's rebellious spirit.
Immerse in the captivating world of NIXON Watches, where each timepiece serves as a canvas for unapologetic self-expression. Whether your journey involves conquering extreme adventures or making a bold style statement, NIXON's unwavering commitment to originality ensures that each watch becomes a unique extension of the individual who wears it.
As you explore the diverse offerings within the NIXON collection, you'll discover timepieces that transcend traditional boundaries. NIXON understands that time is not just a measurement but a series of moments waiting to be embraced. The brand's dedication to original design and innovative craftsmanship manifests in watches that go beyond the ordinary, becoming distinctive symbols of personal identity and lifestyle.
Embrace the spirit of non-conformity with NIXON, a brand that invites you to redefine your relationship with time. Whether you're drawn to the rugged functionality of outdoor pursuits or the urban-inspired styles that make a bold statement, NIXON empowers you to curate your own narrative. Step into a realm where time is a companion to your individuality, and each NIXON watch becomes a chapter in your unique story.

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